Who’s Your Valentine?

Who’s your Valentine?  Valentine’s Day is for everyone you care about. Valentine’s Day is on February 14th every year.  Go buy some flower or chocolates.  This is the one day a year we are to profess our love for that special someone.  After all, it is a holiday clearly marked on all calendars. It is a special day for lovers to just be in love.  Merchants across the globe promote Love, romance, chocolates, flowers, wine or champagne, sexy lingerie, cards, balloons, dinner at a restaurant.   I don’t care who you are, everyone loves gifts of any sort.  After all, isn’t it the thought that counts? Or is it the price you place on the gift for that special someone?

Tell me why we should limit ourselves to just one day a year to show that special someone that we care about them?

But, what about single people who are not “in love” with one special person?   What about people, whether married or single who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Do you have to be ”in love” to celebrate love and friendship?  Maybe you are in love with more than one person. After all, we love different people for different reasons.

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers and sweethearts.  It is for everyone you care about. Think of your friends and how special they are to you.  Friendships allow us to bloom in many different ways. Friends enrich our lives.

So go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Be happy, be in love every day or just this one day each year.  Surprise someone with a Valentine card, flowers or chocolates.  Celebrate things you have in common and just the joy of being friends. Sunshine Baskets & Gifts in Las Vegas is here to help you send your loving thoughts to that special person in your life. All through the year, we are here for you.

So now, I ask you again. Who is your Valentine?

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